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MH had inked a Letter of Intent to either takeover or establish JV with LNS Trading and Construction Sdn Bhd (LNS) to develop rice farming in Brunei Darussalam. LBS stated as a sub-contractor but expanded to its current operation as a Class V with Ministry of Development (MOD) as supplier and contractor in civil works, building construction, infrastructure including agricultural activities. It is through the latter works, LNS has gained enough experience and competency to help develop agricultural lands allocated to other farmers within the Brunei-Muara district. Soon after, LNS decided to diversify and embark on developing the 20-acre paddy field at Kh Junjungan, which MH has deep interest and also field expertise. In March 2018, LNS also submitted a tender proposal to develop hybrid-rice (F1) seed in Brunei Darussalam at KKP Batong 1, Brunei-Muara District with a technology park, Sunland Agri-Tech Pte Ltd, a leading company in hybrid-rice technology in the region.

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Neptune Bio-Innovation (NBI) is an Australian R&D company that develops technology and innovation-driven locations for healthier food and consumer health products to improve health and well-being of customers. One such project proposed in Brunei Darussalam is in vitro propagation of medicinal plant - focusing on ginger for medicinal plant. MH will form a JV with NBI to move forward this project

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