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Integrated Green Factory

MH is considering the take-over of the 5-acre site at the Kuala Lurah Industrial Area (KLIA) to build an integrated green technology to produce all structures required for the erection of domestic homes and commercial facilities, wall panels using recycle materials, UPVC windows & doors including frames, insulated UPVC roofing sheets, roofing truss beams, light-weight flooring systems, etc.

The proposed facility covers all the manufacturing activities with the correct type machineries to enable more efficient production of these modular housing systems.

The set-up of the KLIA Manufacturing Facility will pave the way for the similar houses to be built in Kg Ayer and National Housing Settlement Schemes.

Food Waste Disposal

The scrap yard proposal is for the delivery of recyclable waste materials collected from all areas of Brunei Darussalam for further processing. The items range from old & used rubber tyres of all sizes, old & abandoned road vehicles, old heavy equipment, any types of household scrap irons, all plastics and/or electronic equipment, used papers & cartons, etc.

The Company is proposing to collaborate with MH to see this project through.

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