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Halal Initiatives

Global Halal Brand

The size of the Islamic Economy Market (IEM) in 2017 was estimated at USD2,107 billion and by 2023 is projected to grow by 5.9 percent per annum to reach USD3,007 billion[1] (See infographic).  The IEM comprises of 7 major activities namely Islamic Finance, Halal Food, Halal Travel, Modest Fashion, Halal Media & Recreation, Halal P&C (Pharmaceuticals and Cosmetics). Key drivers are increasing population particularly among young professional and the middle-income group which are more affluent and well-travelled.

In terms of projected growth during the period of 2017-2023, Islamic Finance is projected to record the fastest, at 7.4 percent, followed by Halal Travel (7.1 percent), P&C (6.8 and 6.5 percent respectively) and Halal Food (6.0 percent). Indeed, the 1.8 - 2.0 billion growing Muslim population is a huge potential for the growth of Halal industry, particularly in Asia where 60.0 percent of the population are Muslim. Brunei has been championing the ‘Brunei Halal’ Brand to maximise this potential given our huge comparative advantage, foremost our highest and readily acceptable Brunei Halal certification.

In an effort to tap into this vast potential market, taking into account of Brunei’s strength, MH has conceptualised a list of inter-related projects to fast track and enjoy the potential benefit of the Halal industry as follows:

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Halal Initiatives

MH Global Development Plan

As part of the MH Global Development Plan, merger and acquisitions are in the plan for MH Group of Companies to diversify into relevant business activities. This would benefit the Company quickly increase its size, service area, talent pool, customer base and resources. This high-risk strategy would be costly, however, through the support of professional business consultants should mitigate the risks and allow MH to acquire those companies that would contribute substantial economies of scale advantages and align with the MH Global Halal Initiative.


One of the activities to realise MH's Global Halal Initiative (GHI) is through substantial equity shares acquisition of public-listed and private companies under the Islamic Economy Market tapping into the major activities of Islamic Finance, Halal Food, Halal Travel, Halal Pharmaceuticals and Cosmetics. More specifically, preferences are companies involved in the Halal Food supply chain including manufacturing, processing & logistic as well as Halal certification. The establishment of MH satellite farms within and outside the region will provide food security and halal assurances from the farms to forks to her buyers and consumers globally.


Under the GHI, MH has also outlined its plan to establish its own global Halal brand, offering product differentiation and premium Halalan Thayyiban to the Halal market worldwide. MH's network includes Australia & New Zealand, Singapore, Malaysia, China & Mongolia, the Middle-East, UK and Europe.

Halal Initiatives

Halal Development Agency


Brunei Halal Laboratory & Halal Development Agency

  • An independent Brunei Halal Development Agency, IHADA Sdn Bhd, has been set up to facilitate the certification process and other requirements as required by the Brunei Religious Council & Halal-Haram Committee. IHADA had submitted a letter of intent (LOI) to establish a joint venture with MH.


  • Certification & Science Lab. Currently, the company has signed MoU with Osaka University to establish research-related activities in concert with the higher learning institutions in Brunei namely UBD, UTB and UNISSA.  An increasing number of students and researchers will also participate in the short and long-term international exchange programmes.    


  • More activities are planned, including forum, seminar and continuing R&D including potential crops and herbs in the Heart of Borneo (HoB) initiative with these higher learning institutions.  

Manufacturing in Brunei Darussalam (Food & Beverages and Cosmetics)

Investment on Soya Factory between Japan,  Philippine and Brunei Darussalam

HSWB is a JV company between Al-Hana Enterprise, Brunei Darussalam and Soy & World International, Japan. Al-Hana Enterprise is the only Dairy Company in Brunei manufacturing Fresh Yogurt and Flavored Milk whereas Soy & World International is an international company based in Tokyo, Japan, distributing and selling soybean intermediate material and other soybean bi-products.

HSWB is the one and only Halal-established Soybean Product Manufacturing Company in Brunei Darussalam with the factory in Serambangun Industrial Complex, Tutong District.

Halal Kitchen Incubator

MH and Sinar F&B are currently developing a framework for the establishment of a Kitchen Incubator (KI). The concept of a KI is in line with the current ruling for all F&B-related MSMEs and SMEs to get the Halal Certifications, KI provides the best opportunity for these small enterprises to be developed and to comply with the regulations needs including clean kitchen, packaging space to market the halal products.  In addition to providing the space, the KI management will also arrange for supervisory assistance, to ensure safe and clean F&B handling.    

Visuals by The Hatchery Incubator

Halal Vending Machine

Halal Food Trucks

Halal Eateries & Specialty Stores

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