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The Mother Soya

Soy & World Inc's (Japan), main product is Soybean Paste named "Mother Soya or MS" which is sold not only as an ingredient to other food manufacturer and is also used in manufacture of finished products, like enhance soy drinks, Soy butter etc. which will be supplied initially to school feeding scheme in Malaysia.

Japanese food testing lab, Malaysian University and University of Utara Malaysia conducted studies and has confirmed the efficacy of this patented products. Value has been added to this base product by expanding it to the manufacturer of enhanced super soy drinks, alternative meats, biscuits, jams, ice cream etc. in their product mix.

The main product, Mother Soya, is a semi-solid (paste) material processed from whole Soybean, which retains most of the nutrients due to a very effective and cutting-edge proprietary technology by Soy & World Inc & HSWB. 

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